We have been developing custom websites for Italian B2B and B2C companies since 2016,
who were looking for excellence in web realizations with HubSpot CMS.
We decided to put the know-how and experience accumulated
working with extraordinary Italian brands inside of HubSpot Marketplace:
the EVOLUTION line is now live and available to everyone.
And, if you want to go further and create a unique custom theme for your company...
we are here for that!
NEW: We have outdone ourselves with the new speedup line


We love HubSpot and we love seeing companies doing business and
growing with our solutions. For 14 years ICT has developed
web solutions for those who do not seek compromise with the quality of implementation. 
Our heart beats for the digital and our topics
on HubSpot convey all our passion.

Drag & Drop

All templates are built to make the editing experience simple. With a simple drag and drop you can take the modules anywhere on the page and you're done.

Responsive 100%

The templates of the pages of all themes are 100% responsive and adapt to the different devices on the market.

Fully customizable

In our themes we offer you several page templates ready for use but nothing prevents you from building the page as you wish.


All themes, even EVOLUTION free, come with extensive documentation to help you better understand how to work with a theme.

Help Pages

We are ready to help you anytime and have prepared help pages to make your work easier.


If the documentation and the help pages are not enough, you can contact us via email by writing to supporto@ictsviluppo.it

The EVOLUTION line represents the new concept of theme in HubSpot,
easy to use, complete, adaptable to all needs ... and scalable!
In fact, we designed a theme you can get to know and that can grow with your company's needs.
If you're not ready to buy a paid theme, start with the free version and then... "evolve"
and scale up to subsequent versions, to respond in a timely manner to the
needs of every strategy and tactic of web presence.


Evolution Enterprise offers all you need to create a website with ease and flexibility.

From startup to electronic engineer site, from fashion to construction, it doesn't matter which industry your company belongs to, the Evolution Enterprise theme offers different homepage templates packed with unique modules, images and video sliders, background videos or magazine style display to let you design your pages as you prefer.

The secret of our Themes? Innovative modules.

42 Page templates

11 System templates

5 Sections (reusable sections)

49 Modules


We built this theme with three goals in mind: flexibility, pagespeed and full customization.

With native functions like lazyload images, video sliders, full width imagery and all the benefits of the Themes 2.0, this theme will greatly benefit your marketing performances.

We improved many modules based on the requests of our customers to give you solutions closer to your real needs

35 Page templates

11 System templates

44 Modules


Inbound Special is the right theme for those who use HubSpot primarily for inbound marketing

Many customers have their site on other platforms but have discovered the power of HubSpot's CRM and the countless features for doing inbound

Inbound Special is a complete theme with a blank page, 7 landing page templates, 4 thankyou page templates and 1 blog listing template and 1 blog post template.

15 Page templates

9 System templates

4 Sections (reusable sections)

16 Modules

Let's see together some features and modules that make special
our EVOLUTION line of themes. We're sure you'll love these
functions... These are only a few of the dozens and
dozens that you can find in our themes and don't forget that
we can always develop custom ones upon request.




Usually used for faqs - and in this regard, you can add structured data - with this accordion module you are free to enter any content such as a title and description of a product's characteristics.


Advanced slide carousel

It has a lot of settings and can be used in different modes: with 1 or more slides visible, you adjust the height of the slides, gallery format, with thumbnails for pagination or change the movement mode from slide to fade or it can be set as a vertical slider.


Background video HTML5

It is possible to choose a video from your file manager, add a background color (overlay), a textual content, a cta, etc. and configure the alignment of the content


Module for easily display an alternation of text and image. See an example of this module on the homepage with video background.
In this module there are several simple settings to align the text, add a parallax effect to the image, decide the height of the boxes, both for desktop and mobile. Most important, you can decide the order of the boxes on mobile!



A simple module that displays the date, time and activity description. Very useful for webinars and events with a schedule.


Team member cards

Introducing your collaborators has now become a must for everyone. With this module you can insert image, role, emails and social links of team members. The module has 3 versions to choose from.

With the SPEEDUP line we have taken another leap forward: the blog listing is now managed as a page, with drag & drop sections and you choose how to compose the blog listing. And as with the other themes... High-speed navigation, UX and SEO compliance,100% responsive, 100% customizable, Adaptable to every market industry, Zero coding required, Multi-Language Ready


Creative freedom, ease and speed are the characteristics of the theme; SpeedUp Starter edition is complete with more than 15 special pages, more than 20 modules, reusable sections and the new blog listing with drag-and-drop system.
Header and footer are also built with drag-and-drop system to give you maximum freedom in creating, editing and deleting pages

19 Page templates

9 System templates

4 Sections

25 Modules


Creative freedom, ease and speed are the characteristics of the theme. We have arranged for you the main pages of a site, the homepage, contact page and about page. Then there is the blog listing, all new with dnd sections like pages and of course the blog post.
SEO & UX at its best

9 Page templates

9 System templates

4 Sections

22 Modules

Buy without worries

We want you to be completely
satisfied with your purchase

If you realize that the theme is not for you, up to 15 days since purchase,
we will reimbursed 100% of the cost of your purchase.



Alpego is a family business, a solid Italian company now in its third generation. Its success comes from constantly responding to changes in the market and the evolution of the needs of the people who have trusted in their brand for more than thirty years.

>> website



Guanxi handles Sales, Marketing, Service processes by defining strategy, processes and driving execution.

>> website

There are always those who need to stand out from the mass, companies whose history and business required them to be unique and different from competitors, customers or suppliers.
We're here for you!
If the solutions offered by the store and our EVOLUTION line of themes are still not enough for you, fill out the form, we can develop your website in HubSpot in a unique and unrepeatable way, thanks to our designers and developers.